Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Jake provides Lawn Mowing services and More in the Omaha
Council Bluffs Area.

Residential and also services to larger residential communities such as townhomes, condos, and apartment complexes.



Spring Cleanup

  • I’ll remove the majority of winter debris from your yard or common area and make sure your lawn is clear of unnecessary elements which could impede its growth. I’ll dispose of anything I pick up.
  • I’ll cut back any seasonal plants, like ornamental grasses or perennials, which might be left over from winter.
  • Your soil will likely have shifted somewhat during the winter due to freezing. I’ll ensure that all of your bed edging and perimeter edging is in place, guaranteeing that each plant will be given space to grow in peace.

Fall Cleanup

  • I’ll remove any fall debris from your yard, most importantly any dead leaf buildup. Raking leaves can be a time consuming and stressful job. By the time I’m done your lawn will be free of unsightly dead leaves and other debris, like sticks and other decaying plant matter. Once again, I’ll remove any debris we pick up.
  • I would be happy to remove any annual or seasonal flowers which would not be able to survive the upcoming season.
  • Any plants which are able to endure the season, or which will be able to return the following season, will be protected and maintained.